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Ideal Meal for Family

September is here!! And the mooncake festival is coming soon... Although it doesn't feel like there is much to celebrate because of the global pandemic, we can still celebrate and remember to a good relationship with have with our loved ones especially our immediate family who are staying in the same household as us. 

Union TradiFood is a famous Hakka Cuisine restaurant, even with the pandemic, they adapted, and now. Their food can be packed for family gatherings or delivered to our homes without us having to worry or hassle about food. 


This lovely meal provides Fish, prawns, and soup. If you like to add your twist, you may do so... but how do we prepare if this is delivered frozen? Just follow this written instruction:

Optional Ingredients:

1. Mushroom (Enoki/ Straw Mushroom, Button Mushroom, etc..)

2. Vegetable (Carrot, Cabbage, etc..)

3. More Prawns

4. More Fish

5. Tofu


Let's start:

1. Take the "Fish Pan" out from the freezer and let it defrost for 10mins.

2. Place the "Fish Pan" on the stove (induction or fire) and open a small portion of the top lid. 

3. Once the stream has been released from the small portion, remove the 3/4 aluminum foil cover from the fish pan. 

4. Next, place the prawns given (and any of your additional ingredients) into the boiled "Fish Pan" and let it cook till it boils.

5. Once it is boiled, it is ready to be served!!


This Fish Pan comes with 2 options of fish, which are Mayao and Feizhao. Interested to purchase? Click on the next word:


Signature Teochew Grilled Fish Pan (4-6人/pax) 潮式烤鱼盘


For the YouTube tutorial video: