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Guide to Navigate Through our Website

We at CARE2u care for our customers and noticed that many were unsure how to navigate through our website. As such, we decided to create a video and a written guide. You may refer to whichever you are more comfortable with.


Beginning Steps: 

1. Go to your browser and type

2. Once you reach our homepage, there is an account/ human icon. Click on that and create an account if you have not created an account.


To create an account
 a. Click on create an account/ continue with Facebook.
 b. If you did not want to link your account with your Facebook... please click the text under the Facebook button which states “click account”
 c. Fill up all your details stated and click create.


3. Once you have an account, it will bring you to your account section. This is where you can view your purchase history and the status.
 4. Once done, please select the product you like under any one of the categories found under the top bar.
 5. Once you have viewed a product that you desire to buy, and would like to purchase... click add to cart.
 6. Once you are satisfied with your selections, to see your cart... click on the shopping bag icon at the top right of your laptop screen/ the middle right of all the is on in the right side of your phone screen.
 7. Once you are viewing your cart and would like to make a payment, click on check out.
 8. It will redirect you to the delivery method page, choose whether you like your purchase to be delivered or whether you like to pick up your order from CAREmart.
 Once you are done, click the next button.
 9. It will bring you to the payment page, choose which payment method you like.
 - Credit/ Debit Card

- Online Banking

- Ewallet
 Once you are done with your payment.
 10. Click back to store.