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Mix Set
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4 weeks' worth of chicken with FREE DELIVERY to your home

Why subscribe to purchase chicken? with the war overseas, we see the effect spilled into our chicken supplies. As such, we are providing a ONE MONTH SUBSCRIPTION! We will either make 2 deliveries in a month or 1 time delivery for the month's worth!! 

Our customer service will contact you personally on delivery details!! 

What's in the box

Mix Set is a subscription that provides you with a variety of chicken parts each week. No 2 weeks are the same!!


Mix Set 1

Week 1: Mix Parts (750g)

Week 2: 10pcs of Chicken Drumettes

Week 3: 10pcs of Chicken Fillet

Week 4: 10pcs of Chicken Wingettes


Mix Set 2

Week 1: 2 sets of Whole Leg

Week 2: 10pcs of Chicken Fillet

Week 3: 2pcs of Chicken Chop

Week 4: 2pcs of Chicken Breast (M)