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  • Icy Sweet and Sour Pork

Icy Sweet & Sour Pork 冰镇咕噜肉

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Side dish for 3-4 Pax

Packaging Weight: 250g


  • All food are vacuum packed. Advised to put food in freezer upon delivery.
  • Vegetable, Fruit and Ice NOT included.


1. Icy Sweat & Sour Pork 冰镇咕噜肉 vacuum pack.

2. Sliced Onions.

3. Sliced Mangoes cube.

4. Shredded Ice/ Smashed cube ice


1. Leave Pack to defrost.

2. Once it have defrost, open pack. Inside the pack provides both pork meat and sweet & Sour sauce.

3. Prepare a wok and placed bit of oil, then open the pork meat and fry it.

4. Once meat have been fried, placed fried meat on a clean plate.

5. Do not remove oil, open sweet and sour sauce pack and cook it till it boils.

6. Placed cooked meat in once it the sauce have been boiled and cook the meat with sauce.

7. Once meat is covered with sauce, adding in any additional ingredients (Sliced Onion and Mangoes) 

8. Fry it for about 1-2 mins and places it on a plate.

9. Pour the shredded ice/ smashed cube ice on cooked dish (and add more sliced mangoes).

10. Your dish is ready to be served!!!

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